Instruction: fly tying/casting…

Thanks for taking the time to visit me here on my blog. I love to teach!!!!  Are you a novice or seasoned angler? I welcome the opportunity to work with you and nurture your knowledge and understanding of the world of fly fishing. Everyone is unique and learns differently. You and I will work one on one, we  will not be in a hurry.  I will be patient. We will listen to each other and learn together.

Do you want to learn how to tie flies for trout in streams, bluegills in your local pond, stripers in the delta, peacock bass in the Amazon, or perch and roosterfish in the ocean surf? Want to learn to tie nymphs,  parachutes for dry flies, or spin deer hair for largemouth bass?  Ware do fish hang out, how do you read the water current, when do they eat, what fly patterns do you use depending on the seasons of the year? When does a rainbow or brown trout select nymphs under the surface, sip emergers in the surface film or blast completely out of the water into the air after caddis, or hovering dragonflies?

Maybe you want to learn to tie your own strong knots for the backing to the fly line, leader to the fly?  Maybe you want to learn how to cast, how to double hall, or form tighter loops that slice through the wind and travel far. Would you like to learn how to swing for steelhead,  shad, or stripers;  delicately place a # 16 dry fly to a spooky wild brown trout? I can help you with all of that and much, much more. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and share my passion for fly fishing .

Rates:    $70 per hour.

                        : group classes, club presentations… can be arranged.

                        call ( 916 ) 8491529

5 Responses to Instruction: fly tying/casting…

  1. Chrys says:

    Hi Andy-
    Do you also teach wet fly fishing?

  2. Pete Maspaitella says:

    Hello Andy,

    A friend, her teen son and I are novices to fly casting/fishing. We are interested in learning some of the fundamentals of casting, tying knots, equipment etc. Would you be available to teach an eager threesome the fundamentals of your passion? My friend and her son live in Woodland and I live in Vallejo, but willing to meet in the Sacramento area if you are available. Weekends would be best and I’d like a couple 2/3 classes before fall begins.

    I fish streams and small mountain lakes w/light gear and lures. I have always been facinated w/fly fishing and intimidated at the same time. Thanks for your time.


  3. Allen says:

    Thanks again for the on the water lessons today and steelehead tips. I had an awesome time and feel more confident getting out this season. I recommend Andy for anyone looking for fly/spey casting instructions and as a fishing guide.


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