cool,   swift,  this water

rushing seaward,  flowing,

clear,  splits  to whirl around my legs

and passes me by…

this water,  cloud tears,  streaming,

gently rocking my ballance ,

accepts this ephemeral imposition –

my subtle shift of weight, both feet planted.

I, clinging to smooth cobbled bottom,

claws of my studded sole griping,

seek the stoney imperfections…

nymph-like,  gills flaring,  filtering,

my lungs expanding,  ribs contracting,

my being absorbs all this passing –

i am mesmerized with a salty longing ,

am lullabied on the long

sinuous finger of a mountain’s melting…

Welcome to my blog. The purpose of this endeavor is to offer you my services as a guide and teacher, and to share with you many years of fishing knowledge and my passion for photography and life.

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