Lately I have  been feeling rather impudent as a  guide. The stripers have been for the most part, rather illusive for myself and my clients. The fish are there… we see them. The river gods have thrown in a fish gift here and there. Mostly this river is keeping her finned inhabitants to herself. She rubs it in my face with a phone call from a friend who after 6 hours of nothing decided to try one more spot and was bequeathed with a magnificent line sided gift of 42 inches! Congratulations. It happens when it happens. So what is one to do on a 95 degree clear blue day, and the liquid critters refuse to play the hook. Cool off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Response to Impotency

  1. Don Guibord says:

    Hi Andy,
    It’s your cousin Don from the Heights. I want to learn how fly fish an I was thinking about you. I tried to talk Joe in going out to see you and going fishing a few years back but it never happened. I was wondering when would be a good time to maybe visit an do a little fishing. I’ve never been fly fishing but I’m going to try and learn this spring, any advice for a newbie. I need to buy a rod and reel and what ever a newbie might need. Tell me what I need, I was thinking about buying used rod and reel off Craig’s list. What do you think?

    Give me a call or send me your number and I’ll call you, if you don’t mind.
    313 673 0991 my cell

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