American River report : 6-28,29 -11

the trusty old Prince of darkness

The last couple weeks on the river has been like watching a yo-yo going up and down. The American River flows went up 2000 cfs this Wednesday morning,  leveling off  at 11,000 cfs. Here is a quick fishing summary of the last three days. Shad fishing started off slow this Wednesday evening, but went crazy once the sun dropped behind the trees… about a grab with every cast on a prince nymph with an occasional hook up on the pinky., so I puled up anchor and went looking for stripers. I caught one that was about 6 pounds, fat and healthy. Yesterday morning  the sky was filled with rain clouds, breezy and the striper fishing was very good. I caught at least a dozen fish from one to six pounds. One I broke off at the boat while trying to land it that was perhaps 20 pounds – fat and strong.  Monday, the flows were a little under 8o00cfs. It was breezy, coolish but gloriously sunny. I had a student after work and the shad bite was very good with most of the fish hooked on a prince. What will tomorrow have in store?

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