American River striper Report : 6- 9 -11

 Woke up  at 4:30 a.m. early this morning to go scout the American River for stripers with my friend, Jim Lawson. What a beautiful day . There was no wind and the sky was pure blue. Summer is definitely around the corner. The flows were at about 9000 c.f.s. and around 55 degrees.  And we found fish. Here is a photo of Jim with a smile on his face. Things started off well in the low early light as we happened onto a school of fish from 2 two five pounds. I love how they pull!  Jim was alternating  between a   1/0  clouser and a  4/0  Striper Caviar. He was throwing an integrated  striper line and I was casting a lead core shooting head attached to Rio 5o lb. slick shooter.  We varied our retrieve technique, stripping our lines into leaf trimming baskets from the local hardware store.
Sometimes the grabs came on a strip and often occurred during the pause and drift. It was good to fish with you, Jim, on such a pleasant day. Thanks so much for exploring with me! Once the sun rose high into the sky, the catching tapered off and we quit about noon. We are into the second week of June and the stripers and shad are throughout the river. I now feel it is time to start guiding. Call or email me if you are interested in setting up a trip… As striper guru Dave Howard use to say,  “fish on to the max!”

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