Feather River Report 5-26-11

Striper fishing on the American has been slow, so I decided to call my friend Blain Tilletson to see if he wanted to fish the Feather.  Turned out Blaine lives just  one mile from the Star Bend launch; so that is ware we put in.

Blaine's first striper

To my relief, the parking lot at 6a.m.  was not packed full of trailers like last week. The sky was clouded. The water had a nice green color.  A light breeze tickled the trees along the levies. Perfect. Right off the back our clouser minnows hooked up stripes behind an island ware I was flinging my custom integrated lead core sink tip. The rod was a cheap Korean made,#8 two piece made by Temple Fork Outfitters. My fishing mate was using a #8 Cabela’s catalog weapon flinging a type 6 Rio Outbound Short sink tip that I have come to love! The action continued for an hour or two. Then the sky cleared prompting me to lather on the sun block and cover my balding grey head with a wide brimmed straw hat from Kiene’s Fly Shop. The fishing then shifted into the usual sunny seek and hook mission for the rest of the day. The river was flowing at around 11,00o c.f.s., down from last week and clearer. And , yet again, there were several parking spots,  way back near the launch, with glass shards glistening with the sun. I wonder if the break- inns are occurring at night, or in the broad daylight like they do here in Sacramento within the American River Parkway. Even so, I look forward to future fishing trips along the Feather River for striped bass, and later this sumer for smallmouth when the warmer flows have receded.  Tight lines!

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