Big Johnson meets the Fighting Butt…

Protection, everyone needs it or at least could have used some at some point in their life.Do you remember that awkward moment when your parents cornered you and sat you down for that uncomfortable talk? You know –  about the “Wild Thing”.

striping guard, by Sea Level Fly Fishing Adventures

That is when you wished some alien creature in a space ship, zipping around the universe collecting mutant life forms  for a traveling circus back on the planet of, Leave Me Alone Galaxy , would save you, zap your parents and transport them away  into the unknown … but no such luck.

finger sleeve, by Peterson Assoc., Inc.

There you were, alone and cornered with nowhere to run.

angler glove, by Buff

They probably gave you advice like, “my little girl, don’t do it until your married”, or “son, at least wait until your 18”.

stripee, by Alpine InovationsGlacier Glove

Or if you were really blessed with cool parents with both feet grounded in reality, they focused there loving eyes on your down turned freaking out peepers and asked,” that you at least use protection”. “Don’t marry a stripper”.

assorted pack

But it is okay to use a stripping glove.

the naked truth

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1 Response to Big Johnson meets the Fighting Butt…

  1. Hex Angler says:

    Been there, done that!

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