From Webster:  “… a force tangential to the common boundry of two bodies in contact                                         that resist the motion or tendency to motion of one relative to the                                                                                                                                                       other.

Friction, this could be a good thing or oh, so very, very bad!!! It is what give pleasure when skin presses and slides along a lovers thigh, sense the softness of moistened  lips, the excited touch of probing fingers. It is what we all learned to command as infants when we tired of our mothers arms and slipped away and set off on knees and hands to the rug and crawled towards our futures like Christopher Columbus to discover the New World, and then very precariously…stood up.

Friction. Our ally through a life’s journeying, will turn it’s head and reveal that it is a two- faced snake, and the Enemy Assassin? Friction is what we summon to our aid as we grapple to grip the cool slipperiness of ice, or quickly despise in the instant of a scream as it betrays, as it revels in it’s treason, and strikes out with venomous bite, to inflict intense pain launching  expletives so vile and sinful, so crudely creative and profane that priest will faint in the confessional. In an instant heaven’s gates come crashing against your brain which hurls down your contorted and wild eyed face to stare into hell –  this crevasse sliced across my finger searing with the burning of  flesh.

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1 Response to Friction

  1. Terry Thomas says:

    That guy with the pink finger guard certainly is not “Big Johnson!”

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